Hosted by Tony Saldanha
In the last 10 years, the business of retail has changed more than at any other time in history. This change has been good for some and disastrous for others. On this podcast, we talk to the retail leaders who are not only weathering change, but thriving in it.

Learn from Global 2000 leaders at companies like Levi’s, Ikea, and Nestlé, and many more.

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Interviews with global leaders from companies like:

On Winning Retail, we bring you the stories of retailers who have weathered the storms and found winning strategies despite difficult circumstances.

We bring on cutting edge retail experts who will help you identify the trends and technologies that are shaping the future.

We will discuss topics like pricing, supply chain, sustainability, last mile, data, trust and much more.

It’s a podcast for all retailers, whether you are looking to keep yourself ahead of the competition, or just keep your head above water.

It’s a podcast for business leaders who are figuring out ways to do more with less.

It’s a podcast for innovators who are looking to their peers for best practices.

So hit subscribe, sit back, and get ready to hear the secrets, strategies, and tactics of some of the best retailers in the world.

Welcome to Winning Retail.



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On today’s episode, Moritz discusses Henkel’s digital community platform, “Ask Team Clean,” explains the difference between consumer centricity and consumer engagement, and touches on the future of AI.
On today’s episode, Scott walks us through their Madrid flagship location, makes a case for RFID, and explains what LMX Theory is and how he uses it to build out his teams.
On today’s episode, Jonathan walks us through their Berlin flagship location, makes a case for app integration being retailers’ number one priority, and reveals why he thinks sneakers create such an emotional bond with customers.
SML Group and Stadium
On today’s episode, Dean and Johan discuss the origins of their partnership, the buy-in needed for digital transformation, and why the most successful retailers are the ones challenging their assumptions about inventory accuracy.
The LEGO Group
On today’s episode, Simone discusses the concept of “retailtainment,” the challenges of opening 300 stores in over 40 countries over the last two years, and how technology plays both an inspirational and practical role.
Sign of the Times
On today’s episode, Antonia discusses her journey as an entrepreneur, the complexities of her industry’s supply chain, and why fashion must reduce its environmental impact.
On today’s episode, we hit the convention floor and hear from various companies about how they are tackling some of retail’s most pressing matters, from staffing shortages to supply chain issues to leveraging massive amounts of data.
Walmart U.S.
On today’s episode, Kellie gives us an inside look into Walmart’s associate-facing app, Me@Walmart, talks about the future of AR in stores, and shares why it’s better to be brave than perfect.
On today’s episode, Jim discusses DSW’s transition into the athletic and athleisure space, changing store layouts, and how technology is transforming their business.
On today’s episode, Krista discusses the holiday shopping season in the face of changing consumer behaviors, the immersive nature of technology in the 5G era, and Verizon’s “Call for Kindness” campaign.
Albertsons Companies
On today’s episode, Chris discusses what it was like to run the first Amazon Prime day, the “build vs. buy” conundrum of picking technology, and partnering with places like DoorDash and Pinterest to meet customers wherever they might be thinking of dinner.
Tomorrow Retail Consulting
On today’s episode, Daryl discusses the importance of rallying your team around a “just cause,” emerging technology and labor trends in the eGrocery space, and the distinction between mature retailers and immature retailers.
Cartier North America
On today’s episode, Andrew talks about the mission of the Cartier Lab, fostering relationships with artists outside a commercial environment, and the balance between heritage and innovation.
Staples US Retail
On today’s episode, Brian discusses the importance of getting close to the customer, change management, and working with small businesses and makers through the Staples Connect “Breakthrough Project.”
Forrester Research
On today’s episode, Sucharita touches on everything from rogue distributors to the ESG movement to how retailers can avoid the boiling frog syndrome.
Mattress Firm
On today’s episode, Jody talks about leading a purpose-driven organization, the role of technology in today’s mattress-buying experience, and America’s sleep habits (spoiler: they’re not good).
On this special episode, Winning Retail travelled to the RetailNOW2021 Conference in Nashville, TN, where we spoke with conference attendees about the state of retail in 2021.
Nestlé USA
On this episode, Orchid discusses the connection between consumers and cavemen, the rise of social commerce, and Ruth the Cookie Coach.
On this episode, John discusses retail IT innovation in the SMB space, how VARs can help to optimize supply-chain, and what to expect at the upcoming RetailNOW2021 conference.
Triangle Capital
On this episode, Richard discusses the importance of running your business as though you’re never going to sell it, how consumer tastes have shifted to focus on brand values, and what legacy companies can learn from young upstarts.
Business Journalist
On this episode, Warren gives us his take on a wide range of contemporary retail issues, including technological innovation and supply-chain backlog, and shares why he dislikes the terms “brick-and-mortar,” “omnichannel,” and “upholstery.”
On this episode, Anna talks about the incredible opportunity of building a data system from scratch, what it was like to start her own organization during the pandemic, and how Asda recently partnered up with Dell to provide 7,000 laptops to school children in need.
Takeoff Technologies
On this episode, Max takes us inside the backroom of what he calls “the beehive of automation,” discusses why price cannot be overlooked in favor of speed and convenience, and lays out his vision for the grocery store of the future.
On this episode, Rod discusses the importance of getting back to the basics, why only 3 in 10 retail executives feel they have a handle on digital technology, and the rise of the data war.
International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
On this episode, Tom discusses the impact retail has on our local communities, why physical retail has never been more important, and what to expect at RECon, ICSC’s flagship event, this December in Las Vegas.
On this episode, Mary discusses how she uses quantitative insights to influence decision making, the importance of adopting an omni-channel mindset, and what they at Ikea call “the red thread.”
Northwood Retail
On this episode, Ward discusses the importance of content and context, how technology is ushering in a new world of influencer-based retail, and why he thinks “mixed-use” is an overused term.
This episode features an interview with David Dobson, Global Industry Director of Retail at Intel. David has more than 5 years of experience as a Senior Director at Intel and was previously the Retail Industry Director at Microsoft.
Dell Technologies
This episode features an interview with Kyle Dufresne, Head of OEM at Dell Technologies. Kyle has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry and previously served as Dell’s President & General Manager of Global Client & Compute Solutions.
Mondelez International
Caroline Basyn, SVP, Information & Business Services Leader at Mondelez International. Previously, Caroline served as the Group CIO of Bacardi for 3 years, and spent over 25 years at P&G where she rose to become director of global business services. Caroline emphasizes the importance of analytics and empathy in the expanding retail space.
Inixia Inc.
Tony Saldanha, host of Winning Retail and Co-Founder at Inixia Inc., reveals the 5 stages of retail success, the importance of taking big risks in the landscape of the digital revolution, and the importance of being able to adapt in today’s disruptive markets.
Dr. Paul Marsden
Paul Marsden, Consumer Psychologist and Lecturer at University of the Arts London, explains the psychology behind the customer experience and how they go hand-in-hand. As a chartered psychologist from The British Psychological Society and lecturer at the business school at the London College of Fashion, Paul shares the emotional connection consumers experience in retail.
Retail Prophet
On this episode Doug talks about the importance of standing out in retail to give the customer a one of a kind experience, the reality of how companies should prepare for periods of unexpected low revenue, emphasizing the creative elements of retail to give the customer a truly artistic experience, and much more.
Levis Strauss & Co
On this episode of Winning Retail, we welcome CIO for Asia, Middle East, and Africa markets of Levi Strauss & Co., Sadiq Rowther. Sadiq talks about the future of retail in a post-Covid world, bringing the social interaction from sales to the forefront of the online customer experience, how to manage culturally and economically disparate markets, and much more.
Britannia Industries
On this episode of Winning Retail, Tony sits down with Vinita Bali, an experienced retail executive with global experience. Vinita is the former president of Britannia Industries, one of the largest food producers in India, and a former executive at Coca-Cola and Cadbury.
Disney and Mattel
Michelle joins Tony to talk about some of the best examples of innovative retail strategy from companies like Nike, Zara and more.
Winning Retail
Winning Retail host Tony Saldanha shares how to win the future of retail and what trends to watch.
We bring you the stories of retailers who have weathered the storms and found winning strategies despite difficult circumstances.