Hosted by Tony Saldanha
In the last 10 years, the business of retail has changed more than at any other time in history. This change has been good for some and disastrous for others. On this podcast, we talk to the retail leaders who are not only weathering change, but thriving in it.

Learn from Global 2000 leaders at companies like Walmart, P&G, and many more. 

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Inixia Inc.
Tony Saldanha, host of Winning Retail and Co-Founder at Inixia Inc., reveals the 5 stages of retail success, the importance of taking big risks in the landscape of the digital revolution, and the importance of being able to adapt in today’s disruptive markets.
Dr. Paul Marsden
Paul Marsden, Consumer Psychologist and Lecturer at University of the Arts London, explains the psychology behind the customer experience and how they go hand-in-hand. As a chartered psychologist from The British Psychological Society and lecturer at the business school at the London College of Fashion, Paul shares the emotional connection consumers experience in retail.
Retail Prophet
On this episode Doug talks about the importance of standing out in retail to give the customer a one of a kind experience, the reality of how companies should prepare for periods of unexpected low revenue, emphasizing the creative elements of retail to give the customer a truly artistic experience, and much more.
Levis Strauss & Co
On this episode of Winning Retail, we welcome CIO for Asia, Middle East, and Africa markets of Levi Strauss & Co., Sadiq Rowther. Sadiq talks about the future of retail in a post-Covid world, bringing the social interaction from sales to the forefront of the online customer experience, how to manage culturally and economically disparate markets, and much more.
Britannia Industries
On this episode of Winning Retail, Tony sits down with Vinita Bali, an experienced retail executive with global experience. Vinita is the former president of Britannia Industries, one of the largest food producers in India, and a former executive at Coca-Cola and Cadbury.
Disney and Mattel
Michelle joins Tony to talk about some of the best examples of innovative retail strategy from companies like Nike, Zara and more.
Winning Retail
Winning Retail host Tony Saldanha shares how to win the future of retail and what trends to watch.
We bring you the stories of retailers who have weathered the storms and found winning strategies despite difficult circumstances.